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The Benefits of a Robust Supply Chain Talent Pipeline

Despite being in a period of record-high employment, around 15% of all supply chains jobs remain open at any given time.  

The growth... More

Is Your Company Culture Promoting Growth, Or Preventing Progress?

Company culture is an elusive thing – some of the smallest SMEs find it hard to cultivate a great culture, while corporate giants... More

Returning to Work After a Career Break – What You Need to Know

Whatever the reason for your career break, returning to work can be daunting after a considerable time away. It is even harder when the gap... More

Why it’s Important to Include Men in Conversations about Work-Life Balance

The many benefits of striking an effective work/life balance cannot be ignored. Once considered an office buzzword, there is overwhelming evidence which supports... More

So, You Think You Have What it Takes to Be a Director in the Millennial Age?

When you reach that point in your career where you’re an experienced general manager, and you want to make the leap into your first director role, what can you do to... More

How to Accelerate Your Career Internationally

Despite Brexit concerns, jobs in supply chains both here in the UK and globally are continuing to grow. 

But the current skills shortage... More

How do Recruiters use Job Boards?

How do recruiters use job boards?

As a candidate, you’ll be familiar with job boards like Indeed, Jobsite, CV Library etc.

You’ll have registered your... More

What Brexit Has in Store for Your Procurement Team


Three years since the referendum, with one Brexit deadline surpassed and the next shrouded in confusion, it can be hard... More

5 Reasons Why Recruiting an Interim Manager Could Help Your Business This Year

In today's fast-paced technology-driven world, organisations often have increasingly complex supply chains. When a company wishes to grow and scale their operations, it’s realistic to... More

Is Your Procurement CV Still Fit For Purpose?

With technological advancements in the recruitment sector and a rise in online job applications, is the humble CV still as relevant today as... More