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Martin Veasey Talent Solutions for Graduates

As a graduate or early career professional, you are full of potential. Your inquisitive nature, academic achievements, and ambitious outlook make you unique. We're committed to recognising and honouring that by pairing you with organisations that provide more than just a salary and a job title. Instead, we offer opportunities for personal growth, career progression, and the chance to make a genuine impact.

Graduates for Clients

For our client base, we present a fresh and highly skilled talent pool. We pride ourselves in understanding both the needs of emerging professionals and the challenges faced by modern businesses. As such, we diligently curate matches that are not just right but exceptional. Thriving partnerships that lead to greater business success and allow for these promising individuals to fulfil their potential.

Our Approach — A Tailored, Boutique Recruitment Experience

Forget impersonal recruitment and welcome a boutique, personalised approach that values quality over quantity every time.

We're not your typical recruitment firm. We take the time to deeply understand your unique challenges, objectives, and values. We believe in the power of close interrogation, of having the crucial conversations needed to find the perfect fit for your company or career.

Our dedication to fulfilling potential means we never view recruitment as a one-off transaction. Whether placing a graduate into their first role or helping a business recruit a fresh cohort of trainees, we see every assignment as the start of an ongoing partnership.

A Strategic Advisor, Not Just a Recruiter

Blue chip companies and SME businesses globally view us as more than recruiters. We are strategic talent advisors, offering detailed insights into your sector, whether that's engineering, finance, sales or beyond. Harnessing our considerable experience and sector-specific knowledge, we're here to make the graduate and early careers recruitment process seamless and successful.

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At Martin Veasey Talent Solutions, we're here to ensure that the start of your career journey, or the continuation of your business success, is anything but ordinary. Contact us today and discover how we can unlock the potential together.

Don't see 'good enough' as 'enough'. Be innovative. Be ambitious. Be exceptional. Start your journey with Martin Veasey Talent Solutions.

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Meeting Roheela for the first time is both reassuring and enjoyable, you are immediately put at ease. Roheela is personal, comprehensive, and detailed in understanding you as an individual and thorough with the detail of the opportunity. Roheela has a vast knowledge of many industries and has a significant professional client base, however, you will be made to feel like you and the potential opportunity are Roheela’s only interests.

Roheela is gifted in bringing the details of your resume to life and really understanding you as an individual and how you have developed and your real capabilities.

Time is taken to understand the blend of your skills, the requirements of the business and how to pair cultures, skill and create succession for individual and business.

Roheela can make the global 3PL industry feel like a small town. The understanding of each business, international market, their past progress, and future plans is what makes Roheela, and Martin Veasey Talent Solutions stand out from any others.

The most valuable outcome from Roheela and Martin Veasey Talent Solutions is you will feel like it’s a partnership in every way and they are there to support you in your career direction and growth. The experience is truly engaging and it’s a journey not transactional.

Taking on the role as a Director/Senior Executive within third party contract logistics in Asia was my first permanent Expat placement. Roheela supported me and provided me with every necessary detail form the outset. I am four years in this post and Roheela has engaged with me regularly throughout the journey. Always checking that myself and my employer are getting the best out of each other, this is very reassuring and again simply comes down to the personal and professional engagement of Roheela.

I would highly recommend Roheela to any professional colleague or business. If you want to understand what good looks like and have a premium and attentive experience, you will find Roheela, and Martin Veasey Talent Solutions are unrivalled as a business.

Senior Executive Director – Contract Logistics APAC

International Supply Chain & Logistics

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