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Recruitment Redefined – Recruiters versus Strategic Talent Advisors & Business Partners

Since 1982 Martin Veasey and his team of consultants have been finding the very best talent for blue chip and SME businesses in the UK and around the world.

Martin Veasey Talent Solutions is a privately-owned company with an absolute long-term strategic focus on high quality service and relationships.  We are driven to deliver quality and excellence in our recruitment solution offer.  We match the very best talent to exciting career development opportunities thereby creating long term value for all parties.

  • Our reputation is built upon the care and attention, skills and knowledge of our consultants who are passionate about ensuring that Martin Veasey Talent Solutions become a valued and strategic recruitment business partner and talent advisor. 
  • Our consultancy team have not only mastered the operational process of filling jobs but also work proactively to build talent pipelines and provide strategic consultation to your hiring managers.
  • We work extremely hard to earn the right to influence hiring managers based on our deep knowledge of their business, their talent strategy, their requirements and the dynamic labour market, thereby assisting the organisation and candidates to achieve optimal hiring decisions.
  • Our consultants bring the voice of talent strategy to hiring decisions.  We don’t just fill job requisitions; we optimise them in the context of the broader talent strategy.
  • Our consultants not only seek to satisfy hiring managers whilst also constructively challenging and collaborating to achieve the best recruitment outcome for the organisation.
  • At Martin Veasey Talent Solutions we utilise our extensive knowledge of your organisation’s talent strategy and our understanding of the labour market to know when, where and how to find top talent.
  • Our consultants build a targeted pipeline of talent.
  • Martin Veasey Talent Solutions ensure that our consultants creatively assess a range of talent sourcing channels and options with the objective of competitively pursuing passive candidates as opposed to just waiting for active candidates from traditional talent pools and sources.

To explore how Martin Veasey Talent Solutions can support you with your executive recruitment and talent management strategy please contact us for a confidential discussion - call +44 (0)1905 381320 or email    

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