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Aiming higher with hires

It’s one thing to fill a role, quite another to fulfil potential. Here at Martin Veasey Talent Solutions, we’re far more interested in the latter. It’s why we never consider filling a position as job done, but instead view it as the start of an ongoing partnership with both client and candidate. It’s why we interrogate every brief rather than simply accept it on face value. And it’s the reason many blue chip and SME businesses around the world view us more as a strategic talent advisor than simply a recruiter. And to be honest, we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Since the business first opened our goal has always been to work with people who don’t consider good enough to be, well, good enough. And believe innovation is more fun than imitation. In doing so, we’ve assembled a switched-on team of advisors who can offer real insight within your sector, whether that’s supply chain and logistics, purchasing and procurement or sales, marketing and beyond. Here are just a few ways our unique approach adds real value:

  • We ask open questions to understand your objectives, as the more empathy we have the more refined our proposed solutions become.
  • We proactively build you a targeted pipeline of talent and deliver strategic consultation directly to your hiring managers.
  • We don’t wait for opportunities to arise, but instead actively seek them out by continually accessing a wide range of talent sourcing channels to uncover the best passive talent out there for you.
  • We provide you with the market insight and leverage you need to gain a competitive edge.
  • We match top talent to exciting career development opportunities to create long-term value on all sides.
  • We’re committed to becoming a valued and strategic partner and work tirelessly to earn the right to influence your hiring managers based on our deep knowledge of your business, strategies, requirements and unique market challenges.
  • We don’t simply fill your job roles, we optimise them through our talent strategies to achieve the best recruitment outcome for your business.
  • We dig deep into your company’s existing talent strategy to identify where our best in class approach can be introduced to secure the top talent you demand.

Got a burning question? Don’t be shy

For more reasons to believe simply call 01905381320 or email to speak to one of our strategic talent advisors.


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