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Talent Management - Strategy & Planning

People make all the difference in organisations and robust talent management processes are critical to success. Before attracting the right people, you need a strategy to ensure that you select the right candidates and then engage, develop and retain their talent within your organisation.

Employee Lifecycle 

We have a clear understanding of the employee lifecycle. Partnering with us will ensure that we bring structure and expertise to your talent management initiatives.

Talent Management



Built upon both scientific research and hands-on knowledge across a range of industry sectors and managerial levels, our team can offer valuable insights into employee satisfaction and the trends shaping the workforce and employment landscape. If retention is an issue, we can assess both employee satisfaction and more importantly employee engagement to understand each stakeholder’s perspective in the psychological contract between employer and employee. We build upon this understanding to develop plans to increase employee retention, improve staff performance, inform and facilitate organisational and behavioural change. 


We will focus on attracting candidates who match the culture of your organisation, evaluating the best way to market your employer brand to qualified candidates. Our experienced recruitment consultants can help to identify and source the best candidates through our specialist recruitment solutions division. We can work with you to create an employee value proposition that reflects the expectations, culture and benefits of working for your organisation.


A poor hiring decision can cost up to five times the cost of hire. We utilise solutions and screening tools that will evaluate the candidates that you have attracted. This includes competency-based interviewing, and psychometric assessment to gauge a candidate’s motivation, skill set, business attitude, team and cultural fit. When it comes to critical hiring decisions, let us bring success to your selection process and organisation.


The perfect climate for business success, enhanced employee productivity and well-developed leaders is one where the mission is clear, the culture is positive and employees are encouraged to develop and achieve their full potential. We can support your organisational employee development initiatives by objectively identifying competencies and high potentials across your organisation. Our consultants can offer customised solutions based on your organisation’s specific needs to help ascertain the best ways to increase productivity, detect potential, measure competencies. 

Engage and Retain 

The Employee Lifecycle starts with a recruitment strategy. Having spent significant time and expense attracting, selecting, developing and engaging your employees, and with their high potential and your investment at stake, it’s hugely critical to engage and retain that talent.

We can use our expertise in recruitment and talent management to create performance indicators that utilise psychometric assessment and other screening tools including competency models to help you to qualify and quantify what makes an exceptional employee, and to identify areas for growth for employees who are on track for promotion. 

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