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The modern workplace is constantly evolving and changing. Organisations may grow, downsize, merge, acquire and divest. Therefore, employees’ career drivers, performance levels and aspirations may also change.

OutplacementThis change must be handled with great care, sesitivity, integrity and professionalism in order to sustain productivity for those who remain while also supporting those employees who may be transitioning out of the organisation. Our outplacement services can support your transitioning employees in a dignified, respectful manner, and can help them prepare for future success.

From an employer’s perspective, our outplacement services ensure that not only will your employee transition smoothly from your organisation but your organisation will also communicate a strong brand message about your organisation’s reputation and its desire to ensure dignity and respect for its employees. We will work with you to reduce the risks associated with change, implementing your transition initiatives and ensuring that your brand reputation is protected.

We will provide your departing employees with professional support in terms of opening up new opportunities, refreshing and identifying transferable skills and areas for development when considering different options. 

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