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Different by Design

For over 35 years we’ve been challenging convention and championing innovation across all areas of recruitment. Why? Because we believe the most effective and rewarding recruitment solutions are those built on a foundation of continuous improvement and future-proofed thinking.

However, that doesn’t mean you won’t find us still using the tried, tested and trusted techniques that have driven our industry for decades. Quite the opposite in fact, you’ll just find we’re forever refining our approach and tools to ensure finding the right candidate is as efficient, intuitive and timely as possible. Here are just some of the techniques we use that consistently deliver compelling candidates and concrete results.

  • Evaluation of Candidates

Bombarding candidates with obvious questions has never been the Martin Veasey way. Instead we dig deeper to identify their unique character traits, motivations and ambitions not for just for today, but long into the future. The answers provided enable us to quickly create a shortlist of interviewees we feel will not only fit into the culture of your business, but drive it forwards too. 

Most importantly of all we provide a balanced view, which means we’ll outline both strengths and reservations for you to explore further at the interview stage. This fair, objective and criteria-based approach is also the reason many of our clients use our services to evaluate internal staff against external applicants. After all, sometimes the best person for the job is already on the payroll.

  • Executive Search

Great talent doesn’t hang around. It’s why our research team aren’t simply highly experienced, but highly proactive too. Empowered by our suite of cutting-edge data gathering and market intelligence tools, our teams will target both active and passive individuals within appropriate organisations that answer your unique brief. It goes without saying they’ll also draw on our extensive candidate databases and social media networks.

Once armed with this intelligence we’re confident you’ll fill challenging board, senior executive, middle management and specialist positions before your competition even has a chance to act.

  • Advertised Selection 

On average we’re exposed to 5,000+ advertising messages daily. Therefore, to achieve cut-through and maximum exposure it’s essential to use the right marketing and social media channels. Thanks to our partnerships with a number of leading UK and international job boards we’re able to ensure our tailored and targeted advertising campaigns reach active and passive talent both around the clock and around the globe. 

Copywriting, response management, shortlisting and interviewing are all part of our advertised selection service, while campaigns can be created using your own brand guidelines, or anonymously under the Martin Veasey Talent Solutions brand. The choice, as ever, is entirely yours.

  • Fast-track Contingency/Database Search

Need a high calibre candidate fast? Not a problem. Thanks to our proactive way of working we’re often able to immediately fill positions with candidates sourced from our own extensive databases, as well as other UK and international databases. Rest assured though, working at speed doesn’t mean any shortcuts will ever be taken. That’s because in most cases our proposed candidates will have already been interviewed and screened in anticipation of a role opening up, allowing us to quickly assess their suitability and get the ball rolling.

  • International, Multiple Role and Team Recruitment

Like our best candidates, we’re never ones to shy away from of a challenge. It’s why in the past few years we’ve increasingly taken on briefs to source and place entire teams, both in the UK and internationally. While the scale of the challenge may be different, our high standards remain resolutely the same. This means we’ll only ever put forward teams we’re confident will add to your culture and drive your business onto bigger and more exciting things.

  • Marketing Services for Recruitment Campaigns

While it’s a given high quality candidates will do their own homework on your company, it often pays to provide a little more detail of your own. Working in close partnership we can produce bespoke marketing materials that will provide potential candidates with everything they need to know about your ambitions, culture and values, as well key specifics regarding the role, recruitment process, remuneration package and more. Our talented team of creatives can also create a campaign-specific microsite promoting your brand and vacancies in order to engage talent and build your talent pipeline.

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