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Big Ideas? No Time? How Working with a Specialist Recruiter Can Help



In the fast-paced world of UK and international business, 2020 and a new decade hold challenges for companies across the globe. 

Competition across all sectors, from supply chain and logistics to procurement and purchasing, is rising and the pressure is on executive-level professionals like yourself to ensure your business is lean, competitive and relevant in your sector. 

Scaling your business may be just one of the areas you want to concentrate on in 2020. Additional, well-qualified executive-level staff can help you put your stamp on the world of commerce, and position your company as sector leaders. 

robust talent management process is essential to your success. But before you reach out to executives to help drive your business forward, you need a strategy to ensure you select and engage the right individuals.  

After all, leaving the calibre of potential employees you attract to your business to chance is a risky move. Your company will only succeed when the right staff are in the right roles. 

So, should you work with a specialist recruitment partner? What difference can it make?  

In this article, I’d like to take a look at some of the challenges of recruiting in-house, and how working with a specialist recruiter can help alleviate the pressure for companies who have big ideas for expansion and growth, but little time to execute them. 

The Challenges Companies Face When Recruiting 

Increasing pressure on businesses to hire top-level employees to help drive the company forward can be hampered by increasing competition in the job marketplace.  

Additionally, the current skills shortages could affect the growth of your business – so you want to hire the best person for the role and hire them quickly. 

But in a time-short world, where your skills are often required at board level to develop strategy, do you have the time to invest in securing new people to help move your business forward into the new decade? 

As you decide to recruit, there are many variables to consider.   

From composing the job description and considering the skills, a candidate will need, to listing the characteristics and qualities you are looking for and ensuring you interview candidates who share the same values as your company to provide a good cultural fit

Alongside these considerations, there may be timing issues too. 

Speed is critical – but many businesses forget about this. If your in-house recruiters are managing multiple projects, the recruitment process may take a back seat, and consequently, there is the risk of applications not being followed up in a timely fashion or job offers made.  

This can result in candidates losing interest or approaching rival companies. 

I had a client recently who believed that a week was an appropriate amount of time to wait to respond to the first round of applicants. As a result, some candidates were lost; they assumed that they had been unsuccessful and therefore progressed applications for other positions. 

Working as a specialist recruiter, I’ve heard many reasons business give for choosing to go it alone in their talent hunt, but the following are the main three reasons: it saves money, it's quicker to recruit in-house, and ‘we know the market better’. 

But how accurate are these claims? 

Let’s look at just a few of the advantages of working with a recruitment partner. 

A Specialist Recruitment Partner Will Save You Money 

specialist recruiter

Some organisations say they choose not to work with a recruitment company because they can’t afford it.  

And I have also come across some businesses who strangely think there is no perceived cost when recruitment takes place in-house.  

There’s always a time cost: fact. For example, if your in-house HR manager or other designated senior executive is sifting through CVs for suitable candidates to interview, are they falling behind on other work?   

Additionally, if a poor hire is made, there are the associated costs of having to re-advertise, go through the interview process and onboard again. 

Because a specialist recruiter has already met and got to know the potential candidates for your role, they are perfectly placed to know who will be a good fit into your company, significantly lessening the chances of getting the wrong hire

A Recruiter Can Save You Time  

Working with a specialist recruiter, especially one you have built a professional bond with, can make the recruitment process a lot faster. They will already know your company – your ethnics, values, and what you are looking for.  

Additionally, a recruiter will also have an extensive talent pipeline – sometimes including individuals who are not actively job seeking and therefore would not see your advert.  

Consequently, a recruiter can move quickly to find the right candidates for the post, ensuring they are of high calibre and a good fit for the role. 

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A Recruiter Can Help Develop Your Business 

Building trust and growing a relationship with your specialist recruiter will enable you to benefit from their industry knowledge.  

You will be able to harness their market expertise, insight and networks to ensure they provide the right people for the right posts. They will contribute to your business development by selecting the candidates that will become driven employees and future managers.  

The dedication and passion exhibited by a specialist recruiter, alongside a continually increasing knowledge base and talent pipeline, means you can tap into a system that will ultimately improve your recruitment process and drive your business to new success

Finding the Right Recruiter for You 

All recruiters are not the same. 

As a specialist recruiter, I have seen an increase in recruiting companies offering a broad range of services, but sometimes with little or no experience in the sector. 

Choosing the right recruiter is paramount in planning for future success.  

From taking care of the lengthy task of evaluating CVs, postings jobs and receiving and filtering applications, a specialist recruiter -  

  • can speed up the process, so you waste less time (and in turn, profit) 

  • has access to a broader number of candidates, including passive candidates  

  • can guide you through the whole process and provide expert knowledge and advice for dealing with offers and counteroffers 

What Next? 

Here at Martin Veasey, we offer in-depth sector-specific market knowledge, equipping our clients with the tools they need to achieve their objectives. 

Our consultants are committed to creating strong, trusting relationships with clients and candidates, allowing us to develop an extensive database of quality candidates in our talent pipeline. 

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