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Don’t Wait Until the New Year – Start Your Recruitment Campaign Before Christmas!

  • January 12, 2023
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The holiday season is upon us. And while many of us are busy shopping for gifts and planning our holiday festivities, companies should also take advantage of the unique opportunities that December offers for their recruitment efforts. While it may be tempting to wait until after the holidays to begin your recruitment campaign, you’re missing a trick if you do. Candidates are already thinking about their career goals for the new year, and if you start your campaign before Christmas, you could be first in line when they’re ready to move. Here’s why starting your recruitment campaign before Christmas is a smart idea.

Reflection Time

December is a natural time for reflection, both personal and professional. Many people use the holiday break as an opportunity to assess their career goals and consider whether they’re on track to achieve them. For many people, this reflection leads to a desire for change. Maybe a new job that is a better fit for their skillset or that offers more opportunity for growth. 

Companies can capitalise on this reflective mindset by beginning their recruitment campaigns early in December and letting potential applicants know that now is the perfect time to change. As such, starting your recruitment campaign before Christmas means you could be first in line when candidates are ready to take the plunge.

Candidates Have More Time to Research New Opportunities

The holidays can be a hectic time, but there’s often more downtime than usual as well. With family and friends in town or simply more free time on our hands, many of us take advantage of the break to catch up on things we’ve been meaning to do all year. For job seekers, that often means researching new opportunities.

So if you wait until January to launch your recruiting campaign, you may find that candidates are already bogged down with work and unable to give your position the attention it deserves. By starting your campaign early, you’ll be able to take advantage of people’s open schedules and get a better sense of who is genuinely interested in the role.

Standing Out from the Competition

Launching recruitment campaigns in December presents an opportunity for employers to stand out from other businesses who wait until later months, like January or February, when it comes time to take on new staff. When companies launch their recruitment campaign early in the winter season, it sends a message that they are organised and strategic about hiring — two qualities that any potential employee would look for in an employer! 

Ease of Applying

Finally, launching your recruitment campaign before Christmas makes it easier for potential candidates to apply due to the extra vacation days most companies offer during this period. This means that there will likely be fewer distractions or disruptions than during other times of the year, allowing applicants more free time to complete applications or assessments. You should also consider providing flexible deadlines or extending application windows so that those people applying still have adequate time over the holidays to prepare quality applications without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. 


December is often viewed as an off-season when it comes to recruiting. However, there are many benefits associated with launching recruitment campaigns earlier than usual during this festive time of year.
December is an ideal month for companies looking to launch their recruiting campaigns as candidates are often in a reflective mood due to the holidays, which makes them open-minded towards considering new job opportunities. 
Moreover, tapping into people’s holiday spirit through creative marketing tactics and providing flexible application deadlines makes it easier for potential applicants who still have plenty of free time over the holidays. 

So don’t wait until the New Year – get ahead of your competition by starting your recruiting campaign before Christmas!

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