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Executive Coaching and Mentoring – How Could it Help in the Aftermath of COVID-19? 

  • January 25, 2022

The COVID-19 situation has brought a significant degree of uncertainty into many people's lives.  

With redundancy worries, altered business plans and the 'what next' position that many organisations still find themselves experiencing, strong leadership is going to be critical over the coming weeks and months.  

Enter the many benefits of executive coaching and mentoring. 

Executive coaching and mentoring are going to be essential for  managers and leaders in the wake of COVID-19 – let's take a look at why that is and how you can make this happen in your organisation.  


What Problems are Leaders Facing?  

There has been a growing interest in coaching and mentoring since COVID-19, and for a number of reasons. One, in particular, is that organisations know uncertain times lie ahead, and they are concerned that their leaders are not appropriately equipped for the challenge.   

Regrouping after the pause that the pandemic enforced is a multifaceted problem. Leaders and managers must navigate their team through the most unsettling time many will face in their working lives.  

The workplace is now physically different; some members of the team will be temporary or permanently absent; leaders will have to rebuild supply chains and find new production sites.  

But on top of this, the leader must deal with the issue of change and how COVID-19 has personally and significantly affected every team member.   


Managing Change – How Mentoring Will Help  

Managing change is a leadership topic which has never been more pertinent, and one in which leaders will significantly benefit from the help of a mentor.  

Change is an aspect of leadership which cannot typically be fully understood until it's experienced. But as there was no way of predicting or preparing for the way the virus has affected our lives and our work, leaders must look to more experienced mentors to help guide them through.   

Managing change in a post-crisis world, according to HBR, will rely on leaders being prepared to learn and pivot. Their article states  that leaders making decisions based on their instincts "requires a certain degree of humility, as you will likely have to surrender some of your certainties after they are tested against reality and fail."  

Humility is a quality that many leaders, especially newly appointed leaders often struggle with, and something that an excellent executive coach or mentor can typically help with. While some people think that executive coaching is about helping leaders make better business decisions, more often it is about assisting them in realising and recognising qualities within themselves they need to build upon to become a stronger leader – such as humility.   

Next, let's look at how leaders can benefit from coaching to help define their vision going forwards.   


Coaching to Create a New Vision for the Future  

In the aftermath of COVID-19, leaders mustn't blindly continue on the same path that their organisation was on before the crisis, no matter how attached they were to that plan and goal.   

An Innosight study  last year identified the 20 global companies that had achieved the highest impact transformations of the previous ten years. The report found that successful companies shared specific values – all inhibited a strengthened sense of purpose and mission.  

Changing a vision takes work insight and generally facilitation, which can be provided by utilising the skills and abilities of the right coach or mentor. 

Taking your organisation forward in the aftermath of COVID-19 is not going to be an easy task, and that is why is it so crucial for leaders to invest in coaching and mentoring at this time.  

A major focus of navigating the business world post-COVID-19 will be on guiding your team through the relative unknown – not an easy task. Managers must use this time to also work on making themselves better leaders to lead through the crisis too.   

The next few months are going to be strange and possibly challenging for managers at all levels.   

Decisions within the business  that leaders would typically have had months, even years to think about, have happened in a few short weeks.  

From the conversations I've had with my contacts, thankfully many organisations have coped reasonably well in making quick decisions to manage the impact.  

However, it will only be as the dust settles, and we find a new normal that the repercussions of the decision that have been made over the last weeks will become clear.    

Executive coaching and mentoring are going to play a significant role in many organisations as we move forward, with unprecedented challenges to be expected. Executive coaching  touches almost a 74% ROI  when used by organisations – is it time you thought about working with an executive coach or mentor too?  


Next Steps 

If your organisation needs influential leaders to guide teams through the uncertain months that lie ahead – we can help.  We can also assist with Executive Coaching services through our Talent Management Solutions Division. 

We've got 35 years' experience recruiting for board, senior and managerial roles so get in touch with us today on 01905 381320 or  contact us here  to find out how we can help you hire your next leader.   


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