Recruitment Approaches

An individual consultant is responsible for the full life cycle of the recruitment process from understanding the requirements of the client through to the sourcing and delivery of candidates.

Whilst we offer a whole range of approaches, we frequently find that a hybrid strategy is appropriate, utilising a combination of the following techniques:

  • Executive search – our multilingual research team has access to the leading global business and market intelligence data as well as candidate databases. Combined with a comprehensive briefing we will target individuals within appropriate organisations to determine their suitability for a senior, niche or specialist position
  • Advertised selection – our advertising based sourcing techniques offer efficient, cost effective and targeted access to a wider market audience
  • Fast-track database – some positions can be filled in a relatively short time frame with candidates sourced from our own database and other databases. In many cases we have already interviewed candidates. We can therefore provide a quick assessment of their suitability

In addition to one off campaigns, we also undertake:

  • International recruitment campaigns
  • Specially tailored solutions
  • Large scale and team recruitment campaigns

All candidates are expected to supply a comprehensive CV following which we would ask very specific questions in order to assess initial suitability.  Those candidates matching the broad specification would be further assessed with email exchanges, followed by initial telephone interviews.  Those candidates most closely matching the client requirement are then interviewed face to face where appropriate or alternatively where this is not possible, a full length telephone or video conference interview would be undertaken.  Such interviews are both competency and chronologically based.

Further assessment, where requested by the client, can also be conducted including psychometric testing and the use of assessment centres.