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Supply Chain Systems IT Director - APAC

US $ Double Digit Six Figure + Excellent Blue Chip Benefits

Job Description

Supply Chain Systems IT Director - APAC Contract Logistics


"Excellent high-profile and influential opportunity for Supply Chain Systems IT Director from the third-party contract logistics sector in APAC"


Salary: Double Digit Six Figure Package


Location: Singapore or India or Thailand (Flexible/Hybrid)


As an experienced IT Director from the warehousing and logistics sector, you know how multiple sites can evolve different systems. It starts with one needing a particular software for managing a specific client contract, and before you know what's happened, each site is running its own system, and it all becomes a bit chaotic?

Our client has multiple sites in the APAC region and can see their legacy systems will hinder their growth. So, they are looking for an IT Director with significant experience in contract logistics in APAC to modernise and standardise their IT platforms in the region.

Initially, you will run a major project to replace all the existing in-house WMS systems whilst also implementing new business and managing global vendors for our client (based in Singapore, Thailand, and India).

It sounds pretty straightforward, doesn't it? Simply select and roll out the best warehousing and transportation software across our client's 50 sites.

But from your experience, you'll know what's actually involved in managing projects of this size in different countries. Firstly, you need a high-calibre team, which our client already has in place. However, you'll need to verify that each member is the right person and make any changes accordingly.

Our client has already selected the best WMS and transport software systems, but they will value your knowledge and experience to approve the investment before committing to the purchase.

As such, your background must include the experience of working in a 3PL organisation and having extensive knowledge of the supply chain systems including WMS, TMS and EMS/ERP systems that provide the best results. You should also have an understanding of the niche requirements for different verticals. For example, the automotive industry needs an extensive inventory management facility.

In addition, our client has specified the following technical requirements you must be able to demonstrate:

· Languages (any): Visual Basic, Java, JavaScript, HTML, C, C , PL/SQL is preferred

· Operating Systems (any): Windows, UNIX(HP, Sun, Linux)

· OO Design Packages (any): Rational Rose, ODBC

· Applications (all): WMS, TMS, ERP

· Database (any): SQL SERVER, ORACLE

· Network Protocol (any): TCP/IP, LAN/WAN

In return our client offers a very competitive double digit six figure salary and benefits package and you can live in Singapore, India or Thailand - other locations may also be possible. The role will entail extensive travel throughout APAC.


As you can imagine, there is plenty more detail to discuss about this role, so please start by emailing your CV, quoting reference LX 1185596