Interim Executives

From time to time companies will face a challenge that requires someone with experience in a specific area. If the relevant experience does not already exist within the organisation then an interim executive can be a cost effective way of bringing in the right skills to meet that challenge.

Interim executives come from a diverse range of industry sectors and have the flexibility and adaptability to understand an organisation and the way it functions within a short space of time. They will work with the senior management team to ensure that all key players have a clear vision of how to meet their shared goal. In many cases, once a project has been completed under the aegis of an interim executive, that person will maintain a watching brief to ensure that any on-going issues can be dealt with efficiently and effectively.

The benefits of an interim executive can be summarised as an excellent value, low risk approach using a professional manager who offers a high level of commitment and experience for a fixed term and at a known cost.

The need to urgently fill short-term gaps in senior management can be created by a host of situations from unforeseen departures to business turnaround, project management or merger and acquisition.

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